New partnership with Wheels Car Rental System and WeYield

Emmanuel Scuto
February 6, 2018
"We have now decided to strengthen our relationship to go further with more services and modules to improve car rental optimization and profitability."

After years of cooperation, Wheels Car Rental System and WeYield apps are fully interfaced to improve added-value modules to the common offer of car rental operation optimization.

Invensys has been releasing its brand new cloud version of its Wheels operating system. We have been working extremely hard to develop web modules of our Wheels software to manage daily rental operations as well as a fleet life cycle. Demand estimates and fleet controls are now synchronized and enhanced with the world leader in Revenue Management for car rental, WeYield. And we are very proud to continue plugging more clients” says Vassilis Devletoglou, CEO of Wheels Car Rental System.

Emmanuel Scuto, CEO of WeYield, to add 

"We have known Invensys and its system for many years since we interface our first common client. We have now decided to strengthen our relationship to go further with more services and modules to improve car rental optimization and profitability. The next step is to connect our two systems using just one login for the two systems instantly. This will give our clients one-stop access to more integrated modules”

About WeYield : 

WeYield is the French software leader solely dedicated to the car rental industry for more than 12 years. The Paris’ based company proposes various modules from rate shop analyzer to demand estimation and fleet control optimization.

About Invensys : 

Wheels Car Rental System is an integrated Car Rental Solution designed in cooperation with companies worldwide. Easy to use, friendly, and feature-rich, Wheels Car Rental is the choice of hundreds of businesses worldwide.

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Emmanuel Scuto
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I am CEO and founder of WeYield with 25 years of passion about revenue performance acceleration in the revenue management field (hotels, theme park, car rental), I created WeYield in 2012.I am here to help car rental operators who want to change in piloting their business with more agility and freedom while improving their performance. I like being able to participate in the transformation of the organizations. Working with WeYield's revenue managers and engineers gives me a lot of energy to create new features and approaches.

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