Meet the WeYield Team

The people behind WeYield

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CEO and founder

I am CEO and founder of WeYield with 25 years of passion about revenue performance acceleration in the revenue management field (hotels, theme park, car rental), I created WeYield in 2012.I am here to help car rental operators who want to change in piloting their business with more agility and freedom while improving their performance. I like being able to participate in the transformation of the organizations. Working with WeYield's revenue managers and engineers gives me a lot of energy to create new features and approaches.

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CFO & Learning Center Manager

As the CFO & Learning Center Manager at WeYield, I'm at the forefront of transforming yield management and pricing within the car rental industry. Joining the team in July 2020, my journey has been driven by a desire to foster innovation and implement strategic changes through our WeYield Academy project. My role extends beyond financial management; it's about cultivating an environment where innovation thrives and core values are paramount.

Engaging with our clients, understanding their challenges, and devising effective solutions are aspects of my job that I particularly enjoy. It’s this interaction that enables us to maintain our commitment to progress and innovation. By fostering collaboration and open-mindedness, I contribute to setting a course for WeYield and our global clientele towards continuous improvement and success.

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Chief Technical Officer

Before working at WeYield, I have had a very mixed background. 10 years as a computer science teacher, 5 years running my own software company and 3 years working in a fintech company.I've been CTO at WY since 2019. My main focus is to manage the Product & Innovation team so that we improve our clients' experience, and the business benefit they take out of our tools. My other goal is to push innovation forward, in order to make the most accurate predictions about the future.

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Chief Marketing Officer

With over a decade immersed in the Car Rental Industry, I've been on a journey crafting marketing strategies and steering digital tactics to keep businesses thriving. I've learned the ropes and fine-tuned my skills in developing plans that fuel continuous growth. My passion for innovative marketing comes from years of practical experience, including a dynamic journey in fast-paced startups that broadened my skills.

Since 2023, I've been part of the incredible team at WeYield. I'm excited to use my industry insights and creative energy to lead initiatives that enhance our market presence and generate a meaningful impact.

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Engineer in computer science

I have been an apprentice analyst-developer at WeYield for three years. My goal is to develop new functionalities, improve the existing ones and ensure the maintainability and quality of our code. I mainly enjoy my development missions, which involve recent technologies and which I like. My missions are challenging and that allows me to stay motivated and to keep learning.

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Product & Innovation Engineer

Since I've begun working at WeYield, I've taken a liking to solving the problems around Yield management. As such, I work on the automation of checking the quality of data and the creation of automated smart insights. It's a fascinating work that requires to communicate with both the clients and the team.

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Product & Innovation

I joined WeYield in 2019 after three years working in a B2C fintech company. I work in the Product & Innovation team where I develop solutions to improve the quality of decision-making for our customers. I particularly appreciate the phase of study, exchange and reflection around our customer needs to design a solution suitable for everyone that remains as easy to use as possible.

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Engineer in computer science

Quentin is web developer who is doing a 3-year engineering apprenticeship in the Product and Innovation team. He is a sportsman who practices swimming (he is a coach), running and water polo.

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Doctoral project for PHD in computer science

Laurie has joined WeYield as a Master graduate to deep dive in pricing optimization. She is now conducting her doctoral project in how to get the "right" price in car rental

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Customer Success Manager in Yield

Business advisor | Commercial Strategist | Marketing & revenue specialist | Need help driving growth?

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Pricing and Yield Management Customer Success Manager
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Pricing and Yield Management Customer Success Manager

With nearly two decades in car rental, transitioning from Operations to Sales with top brands, I now aid our clients in revenue management. Additionally, I have a strong passion for coaching, firmly believing that success is primarily driven by mindset (95%) rather than systems (5%).

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Office Manager Assistant

I recently joined WeYield as an apprentice assistant to the CFO. I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Accounting and Management (Diplôme de Comptabilité et de Gestion) at IHECF - Institut des Hautes Études Comptables et Financières in France. Beyond my academic and professional interests, I have a keen fascination with aquariums and a passion for DIY projects, particularly in creating furniture from reclaimed wood.

Desire to learn?

Working at WeYield means participating in sharp technical debates and not being afraid of the unknown.

It is not trivial for a revenue manager to participate in technical development debates or a developer to participate in a yield meeting with our customers.

At WeYield every person is important and we strongly believe that together, we are far more intelligent.
Our digital apps are made and improved from that team brain juice!


And these are our principles

We are all great professionals but we like to work in a cool and good state of mind.
We organize an annual forum to meet and exchange with all of our beloved clients.


We cherish our products meetings because every opinion matters.


We love when our clients come with questions and ideas on our apps.

Customer Focus

Our customers' satisfaction is our pride and what we always look after.

Discover our story

The Building Process of WeYield

2012 : WeYield's adventure begins!

Emmanuel Scuto creates WeYield focusing on car rental revenue management consulting to serve franchisees or independent operators around the world under an outsourcing concept.

Emmanuel de Brosses joined him as partner and first Revenue Manager. Tools were only for an in-house use and pdf were sent to the clients every week

2014 : Saas and Rateshaker!

WeYield starts migrating its optimization tools on the cloud and enters the Saas industry. “Rateshaker” is created : the first automatic rate shop analyzer !

2015 : Our "Cocktail" will change your world!

WeYield raises funds and jumps into the full Saas world with the help of Pierre-Nicolas Tolllitte and Grégoire Chauvet as CTO .

“Cocktail” is born and clients get the power of daily refreshed data to analyze their activity.

2016 : Pure software!

After the visit in Silicon Valley of Emmanuel Scuto, WeYield stops its consulting activities and becomes a pure software editor company.

The two separate software are merged into an only and new web application !

2018 : WeYield keeps growing!

New Features are developed and WeYield keeps expanding to new continents.

The second chapter is closed

2019 : New team, new chapter!

A new chapter starts with a new team. Christian joins WeYield as CTO and takes over the development team. Two new Customer success managers join the WeYield Team : James Godfrey from the United Kingdom and Noémie Chaffurin.

Great new features are added and the AI demand forecast is released.

2020 : Helping our clients throughout Covid crisis!

The Covid hits all the economy and mostly the travel industry. The work-from-home is set and clients continue to pilot their demand and pray for it to be back soon !

WeYield and Rate Highway have joined forces in a partnership

The partnership between WeYield and Rate Highway enhances value for clients by combining expertise in revenue management and pricing solutions. This collaboration offers comprehensive solutions to optimize revenue, benefiting businesses in the car rental industry.

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