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Car Performance Index Module

WeYield helps you to know more about your local competitors and gives you a ranking !

Thanks to the variety of our car rental operations, we are now able to aggregate all our data in a confidential way. 

Get an overview of your competitors' performance over the upcoming 3 months.

How does it work ?

And it does not stop here ...

  • An experienced revenue Manager as a Coach is dedicated to your onboarding, training and success !
  • You get unlimited access to the WeYield academy and training materials.
  • You join our community of Revenue Managers from all around the globe.

Your dedicated coach will help your progress !

Don't just take our word for it and read what our clients say

I was always guessing my performance compared to my competitors : collecting info around a coffee machine or during a tourism meeting. But now, with the WeYield Car Performance Index, I can compare myself in an easier way. I can make better decisions without disclosing any confidential information.


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We Care,

You Pilot "

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