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Michael Meyer - CEO of Ratehighway

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Michael Meyer
President at RateHighway

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Welcome to another episode of our podcast, hosted by Emmanuel Scuto, the CEO and founder of WeYield, the leading revenue management company specializing in the car rental industry. In this insightful episode, Emmanuel sits down with Michael Meyer, Founder and CEO of Rate Highway. Based in Irvine, California, Rate Highway boasts two decades of expertise in automated rate positioning technology for the car rental sector.

Michael's journey in the industry began in the mid-1980s, witnessing firsthand the evolution of technology from his early days with a Commodore computer to the pervasive influence of the internet in our daily lives.

Throughout the episode, Michael shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering valuable perspectives on the evolution of technology and its implications for the car rental industry.

📌 Here's a breakdown of the engaging conversation:

  • Introduction of Michael (0:00:00 to 0:05:50): Emmanuel introduces Michael, setting the stage for a captivating discussion.
  • How Programming Became Core to Problem Solving (0:05:50 to 0:08:26): Michael shares insights into the pivotal role of programming in addressing industry challenges.
  • Symmetry Computing: The Early Days (0:08:26 to 0:33:00): Delving into Michael's journey, from the inception of Symmetry Computing to its growth and impact in the industry.
  • The Genesis of Rateshopping: Insights from the Hotel Sector (0:33:00 to 0:42:00): Michael discusses the origins of rateshopping and its adaptation from the hotel industry to car rentals.
  • US Market Dynamics vs. Global Trends (0:42:00 to 1:00:00): A comparative analysis of the US car rental market and its distinctiveness in the global context.
  • Technological Evolution and its Impact on Rate Highway (1:00:00 to 1:12:00): Michael elaborates on the transformative effects of technology on Rate Highway's operations and strategies.
  • Continuous Learning and Growth (1:12:00 to end): Michael reflects on his approach to learning and personal development, offering valuable insights for industry professionals.

🚀 As a bonus, Michael recommends two enriching reads for listeners:

Michael Meyer
President at RateHighway

Meet our guest

Michael Meyer

President at RateHighway

Michael Meyer has been a pivotal figure in the IT and services industry, especially in car rental rate automation. He launched the first rate automation system, RateMonitor Elite, in 2004 and integrated AI into rate management in 2017, marking significant industry milestones.

Emmanuel Scuto
CEO of WeYield & Podcaster

🎙️ As the host of The Revenue Machine podcast, I am passionate about transforming the car rental industry through Yield, Revenue Management, and new technologies. Entrepreneur since 2007, I founded WeYield to empower and, more importantly, to provide greater freedom to all entrepreneurs and professionals in the Mobility sector.

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