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Car Rental Market Trends under Coronavirus Covid19 – 8th edition, from 15th June to 30th June 2020

James Godfrey
July 9, 2020
In these difficult times for the tourism industry in general and for the car rental industry, WeYield has decided to aggregate anonymized data from the various clients we have per geographical zone.

The goal is to share some key performance indicators for the months of July and August 2020 from our WeYield Apps. In this eighth edition, we compared the indicators between two reference dates (15th June versus 30th June).

These data have no statistical mean due to limited set of companies but more to step back and enlarge the perspective to other areas on the planet. Hope this helps.

Let’s believe the pick-ups are back.

July shows a huge increase in number of days on rent (+68%) , albeit at -7% RPD versus last year and down -4% in past two weeks. August shows also a gain but smaller in Days and RPD compared to two weeks ago.

Number of days is increasing for both months, however RPD is down -11% and -13% for July and August respectively, since the survey two weeks ago.

Big increases in days on rent for both months and both months saw a fleet increase in the past two weeks, We noted there was a significant RPD increase for July as demand increased.

Both months had huge increases of days on rent and RPD, the region also increased fleet for both July and August over the past two weeks as demand returned.

Both months indicated fleet and days on rent increases, however we noted that August RPD had dropped by -19% versus the survey two weeks ago.

Days on rent increases are strong for both months, however we note a slight decrease (-8%) in RPD for August.

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James Godfrey
July 9, 2020

I am a Customer Success Manager at WeYield, my role is to support Customers to achieve their goals. I like talking to customers to understand their needs and how they currently work. We push them to understand there are other ways to do things and challenge them to look at their own data in different ways.

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