Forum London 2023

November 6, 2023
from 5 to 9pm
WTM, London
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WeYield Forum: Your growth catalyst for transforming yield management in car rentals! Unleash the power of the latest tools and techniques. Connect with fellow professionals globally, be it independent renters or franchisees, and spark innovation while tackling optimization challenges.


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November 6, 2023
from 5 to 9pm
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Speaker : How is the car mobility market evolving?

Stuart Mobility Donnelly has dedicated his career to bringing positive disruption to the mobility eco system. Today it is all about how flexibility combined with digitalisation and the concept of mobility as a service (Maas) can bring change to how we have owned and managed our personal and corporate travel/mobility for the last decades. In the last two decades it was about changing the way that global fleets sourced and managed their company car fleets through professionalising and optimising their global programs.

After 5 great years at Sixt, the match between Donnelly and TMC is clear, an unrivalled passion for the development of mobility. Donnelly’s passion to develop this and bring MaaS to the mainstream by developing a credible, robust, multi modal alternative to ownership that continues his positive disruption to the mobility ecosystem.


  • Insights. In 2022, we kicked off the creation of an automatic rate recommendation framework. Adrian will dive deep into its benefits, functionalities, and Michael, representing Rate Highway, will demonstrate how to automate your pricing updates.
  • Target Emmanuel introduced a concept last year. Now, explore this tool to simulate future years, set revenue goals, and prepare for 2024 with diverse scenarios.
  • Demand forecast. Chat GPT and MidJourney are well-known, but data quantity, quality, and model tuning are essential for effective AI models. Christian discuss how AI helps revenue managers gain clearer future insights
  • Learning Center of WeYield is now available in one click. Unleash your potential, acquire knowledge, enhance skills, and attain success on your own terms.

5... no, 6 reasons to participate

Attending the WeYield Forum can be beneficial for several reasons

  1. Networking Opportunities: The forum offers a space for car rental professionals, yield management experts, and decision-makers to unite. Participation in the event offers the opportunity to connect with peers, foster relationships, and create valuable career or business connections.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: The forum provides a platform for car rental industry professionals, yield management experts, and decision-makers to come together. Attending the event offers a chance to network with peers, build relationships, and establish valuable career or business connections.
  3. Industry Updates: The forum acts as a central hub for industry insights and dialogues. By participating, you can remain well-informed about the latest challenges, emerging technologies, and regulatory shifts impacting the car rental sector. This awareness can assist you in adapting your yield management strategies and maintaining a competitive edge.
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships: The forum encourages collaboration and the forging of partnerships among car rental industry experts. Through active discussions and idea-sharing, you may uncover prospects to cooperate with fellow attendees on projects, joint ventures, or research endeavors. These partnerships can spur the inception of new initiatives and foster innovation.
  5. Professional Development: Participating in the WeYield Forum can significantly enhance your professional growth. Engaging in workshops and educational sessions allows you to refine your revenue management skills, gain fresh insights, and remain current with industry best practices such as demand forecasting and automated pricing updates. This contributes not only to your personal development but also to your organization's overall success.
  6. Exposure and Visibility: Attending the WeYield Forum can elevate your industry presence. It offers a stage to demonstrate your expertise, share your revenue management insights, and position yourself as a thought leader in car rental optimization. This heightened visibility can unlock opportunities for speaking engagements, collaborations, or career advancements.

In essence, participation in the WeYield Forum presents a valuable chance to network, acquire knowledge, and actively contribute to the advancement of the car rental industry. It keeps you informed, broadens your professional connections, and offers fresh insights to propel your success.

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Thank for this inspiring moment!
Sebastien Choulot, Revenue Manager, Hertz La Réunion

Our experts

Emmanuel Scuto

Comparing the portfolio of activity with last year or any other reference year, is important. But what if it would be possible to compare it with the objective of the year?

Emmanuel will present the concept of the Budget to be built directly into the Apps with all the data already stored. This budget will be used to simulate your sales action plan for the year to come. Isn't it nice?

Christian Cadéré

Since 2019 the WeYield P&I team has dedicated much efforts to develop a forecasting model aimed at making accurate predictions for your upcoming car rental business. Over the course of the past years, we have crafted an AI-driven algorithmic model, rigorously tested by numerous customers. In this session we will look at the real magic happening behind AI models, and how we can use them to further enhance our predictions.

Anne-Claire Levrault
Learning Center and Office Manager

Anne-Claire is dedicated to empowering learners through her experience in instructional design and cross-functional management. Collaborating with Morgane and Adrian, she focuses on e-learning to enhance WeYield applications and revenue management skills. They’ll present the latest training plans and explore themed channels in this session, shaping car rental companies’ Yield-specific skills. Join them to witness the evolution of WeYield’s Learning Center, transforming learning and skills development in your organization.

Morgane Pogarsky
Customer Success Manager

Morgane is committed to driving the Yield Management transformation and coaching for WeYield customers. Her extensive background in revenue management across various industries, including hotels, cruises, and buses, equips her with the expertise to effectively implement your revenue management strategy for success.

Adrian Treacy
Customer Success Manager

Adrian is WeYield's resident Car Rental expert. With a diverse background that includes various roles at Enterprise and serving as the Director of Sales at Sixt Ireland, his expertise in sales optimization, particularly in broker negotiation and management, is unparalleled.

Thank for this inspiring moment!
Sebastien Choulot, Revenue Manager, Hertz La Réunion

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November 6, 2023
from 5 to 9pm
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