New Partnership with MyRentCar and WeYield: Elevating Car Rental Optimization

Mathieu Wattelle
February 6, 2024
WeYield has announced a partnership with hitechsoftware, integrating myrentcar car rental software to enhance car rental operations' efficiency and profitability through advanced Revenue Management strategies. This collaboration combines the expertise of both companies to offer comprehensive management solutions, promising to transform the car rental industry with innovative tools and a commitment to improving client success.

New Partnership with hitechsoftware and WeYield: Elevating Car Rental Operations

WeYield is pleased to announce a new partnership with myrentcar car rental software by hitechsoftware, a leading player in the car rental industry with over 30 years of experience. This collaboration marks a significant stride in our mission to provide high-value solutions for car rental operators, aimed at enhancing efficiency and profitability for our clients.

This integration brings great news for myrentcar clients, granting them easy access to WeYield's range of apps designed to strengthen Revenue Management strategies and, in turn, maximize profitability.

The entire teams at WeYield and hitechsoftware are thrilled to bring this partnership to life. Emmanuel Scuto, CEO of WeYield, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We've been familiar with hitechsoftware and its systems for many years, but our first common client interface was just a few months ago. Now, we are taking our collaboration to the next level, expanding our services and modules to further enhance car rental optimization and profitability."

This commitment to excellence is underscored by Florian De Sousa, Head of Sales at hitechsoftware, who stated: "The integration of our myrentcar car rental software with WeYield provides a complete system to manage all cycles of the rental business: pricing, booking, scheduling, invoicing, accounting and much more!]".

About WeYield:

For over 12 years, WeYield stands at the forefront as France's premier consulting and software provider, devoted exclusively to the car rental sector. Headquartered in Paris,  our firm delivers an extensive suite of services, from module implementations (rate shop analysis to demand estimation and fleet control optimization) to a six-month coaching process. This coaching process is designed to elevate team proficiency well beyond the capabilities achieved through standard training sessions. By empowering car rental teams with advanced tools and knowledge, WeYield enables businesses to excel and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic car rental industry.

About hitechsoftware:

Hitechsoftware is a team of vehicle rental experts. Hitech develops myrentcar, a car rental management system comprehensively covering all aspects of the rental activity, allowing for genuine optimization of your business. This robust and dependable tool is perfectly tailored to meet the demands of vehicle rental companies.

With this exciting partnership, WeYield and hitechsoftware are ready to accelerate the car rental industry transformation, delivering a unified solution that combines our strengths to benefit the car rental community.

Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic collaboration and the innovative solutions it will bring to your car rental business!

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Mathieu Wattelle
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