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Guillaume Géry - GM at Hertz Maroc (French episode)

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Guillaume Gery
General Manager at Hertz Morocco

Episode description

Welcome to another episode of our podcast, hosted by Emmanuel Scuto, the CEO and founder of WeYield, the leading revenue management company specializing in the car rental industry.
In this episode, we explore the challenges and innovations of flexible pricing management with Guillaume Géry, an expert who, since 2000, has transformed fixed pricing into dynamic yield management for the car rental industry. By considering demand variations and seasonality, Guillaume has rethought his companies' organization to maximize revenue and optimize operations.

Key Points of This Episode:

  • Transition to Yield Management: Guillaume explains how he successfully made this transition, emphasizing the importance of supporting employees and integrating efficient information systems to foster innovation.
  • Costs and Benefits: While implementing yield management incurs initial costs, the long-term benefits, both financial and in terms of employee skills, are substantial.
  • Human-Machine Balance: The importance of finding a balance between human intervention and automation, allowing machines to handle executive tasks while preserving the strategic role of humans.
  • Qualities of a Good Yield Manager: The ability to take the necessary time to understand the issues, adjust strategies, and the need for strong determination and a proactive mindset to excel in this field.

Join us to discover how Guillaume Géry has shaped the landscape of yield management in car rentals, turning challenges into opportunities for more efficient and profitable management.

📌 Here's a glimpse into the enriching discussion:

  • 00:00:00 Introduction of Guillaume Géry
  • 00:15:35 Access to data and new mindsets: the beginnings of yield management
  • 00:28:20 Yield management: financial gains and new skills
  • 00:40:54 Be lazy and let the machine work
  • 00:57:08 The profile of a good revenue manager
  • 01:10:03 How to continue learning?
  • 01:19:15 Guillaume's advice to his past self

🚀  Références

  • Hertz Maroc
  • Groupe GBH
  • Jimpi Soft
  • Wheelsys
  • Daniel Herrero
  • Michel Serres
Guillaume Gery
General Manager at Hertz Morocco

Meet our guest

Guillaume Gery

General Manager at Hertz Morocco

Guillaume Géry is the Managing Director at HERTZ Maroc and the Director of Rental Development for Africa at GBH, leveraging his extensive background in business management from ESSEC and ESCP Europe to drive significant business growth and operational improvements in competitive commercial contexts. His engineering background and strong interpersonal skills have enabled him to excel in complex technical domains, substantially enhancing company profitability through innovative pricing strategies and effective team management.

Emmanuel Scuto
CEO of WeYield & Podcaster

🎙️ As the host of The Revenue Machine podcast, I am passionate about transforming the car rental industry through Yield, Revenue Management, and new technologies. Entrepreneur since 2007, I founded WeYield to empower and, more importantly, to provide greater freedom to all entrepreneurs and professionals in the Mobility sector.

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